Kei is the CEO and producer of “Devine Channel”, a team of producers that operates between the US and Asia. He worked on songs by top Korean artists, such as BTS, EXO, BoA, Shinhwa, and so forth.

Since his debut in 2011, some of his most popular works include Nipsey Hussle’s “Real Big (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)”, BTS’ "Fire", KANG DANIEL’s "What are you up to", EXO’s "Baby, Don't Cry", Taeyeon’s "Secret", and many more.
In 2019, he appeared on a TV program called "Running Man", and composed the song "HOLLYWOOD" for Super-X, which consists of cast members Yoo Jae Seok and HaHa.

Kei gets inspiration from Black music and uses that as a foundation to create his unique music style, showing versatility across various genres. Through Chord Share, we expect his music to expand beyond Asia and into the music market globally.

Anthony King

Film Director/Videographer/Dancer/Voice Actor

Anthony King, born and raised in New Jersey, USA, began his artistic career at the age of 14 when he became a B-boy, and now runs his own film production company, Moonculture Films. He’s currently located in Seoul, South Korea working as an multi-talented artist.

In his film career, he has worked with notable labels, such as BRANDNEW MUSIC, Universal Music Group, and so forth. He has also worked with brands, such as Korean Roulette, Almay, Bill Nye, Adidas, Nike, Waddle, Nick Graham, Counter Logic Gaming, Danceon, Caper, producing variety of content worldwide.
For his dance career, he has danced professionally for many artists around the world, which include Korean artist Park Jihoon, B2ST, BAP, Chinese artist SNH48 Kiku, as well as pop singer Guordan Banks based in the states.

He has so much to offer as a multi-talented artist through his career as a film director, videographer, dancer, and voice actor, and we look forward to all his future works as a culture creator.

Kana Bathe

Singer-songwriter, Rapper

In 2017, Kana Bathe debuted with her first hip hop single <Sodok>, showing elements of trap music, followed by her R&B single album <RideAway>. In 2018, she released <Like We> featuring NO:EL where she showcased the art of rap-singing.

Kana Bathe creates hip hop music, containing elements of pop, house, and trance music. Her music is best described as a combination of electronica and trap music.

Listeners can feel her gloomy yet decadent sexiness through her music and lyrics across all musical genres.

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