Devine Channel [unorthodox]

Still Me (Feat. Dok2, GEMINI)


contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted; not orthodox.

unconventional music with unique friends.

Devine Channel [On It]

On It (Feat. Tory Lanez, SOLE, Sik-K)

I’m on it

Devine Channel [Howl]

Howl (Feat. Yellowmane, Sahtyre, Junoflo, G2)


ditch david [Collagen]

Collagen (Feat. Sylo)

"Yes u glowing up my skin 

U like collagen 

Every time we go all night"

Johan Kim X Chancellor [Beautiful]

Beautiful (Prod. Devine Channel)

90's Chord Share

SOMDEF [Nature]

It was (Feat. GSoul)

"NATURE" with two meanings : Mother Nature and Human Nature

I think this particular word moved me the most while working on this album.

In the process of making the album, I spent a lot of time encountering nature as I spent more time alone,

and it inspired me to make music that comforts me.

I hope “It was” and “Sometimes”, both featuring GSoul, and the Intro “Picturesque 1” and Outro “Picturesque 2”, both produced by CADEJO, will leave a lasting impression on all the listeners.

Devine Channel [Bad Rain]

Bad Rain (Feat. SUMIN)

Devine Channel and SUMIN ‘Bad Rain'

Comment by SUMIN

When I first heard this track, the minor chord progression from the intro and the rough drum texture were very impressive to me.

I don't know why, but strangely, it reminded me of paper getting wet from the rain. There are a lot of songs about rain that get released in the summer, and I wanted to portray a picture of bad rain rather than pretty rain.

When you don't want to hear the sound of rain outside the window in your house, and

If that sound seems tortuous even in the comfort of your own house, I think you would be a very lonely person.

Only those who have been through something really painful will know.

Long Drive [hijacking]

hijacking (Feat. Ourealgoat, X.Q)

Hijacking ‘anywhere’

Devine Channel [BYPRODUCT]

Devine Channel 1st Album

Faded (Feat. Loopy, CHANYEOL)

Makmal (Feat. Gaeko, GwangilJo)

Post It! (Feat. Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA)

Product By Devine Channel

With Gaeko, CHANYEOL, Loopy, Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA, Gwangil Jo


Hello. This is Chord Share.

Chord Share’s “8bar Relay” has come to an end, and we would like to thank everyone who has participated and showed interest in the project.

After much consideration, we have selected 3 participants.

Congrats to [TikTok ID] elyzrmusic, legoshim, elle5252.

Please DM us (@chordshare_official) your name and contact information (phone, email) on TikTok or Instagram. We will provide more information regarding the release of the song.

We would like to thank all #8barRelay participants and ask for your love and interest as we have more projects planned for the future.

“8bar Relay” Project


This is Chord Share.

We will be holding an “8bar Relay” project on TikTok from 7/1 (Wed) - 7/31 (Fri).

Anyone can participate anytime, anywhere. It is a participatory project where anyone can rap, sing, or narrate 8 bars on top of the beat produced by Devine Channel, a team of hit producers.

After the event period ends, selected participants and artists will be given the opportunity to release their 8 bars together.

▶ How to participate

1. Open the TikTok app and search the hashtag #8barRelay

2. Look through the other participants' videos, and click on +

3. Record yourself rapping, singing, or narrating about anything that is suitable to the phrase "Come over tonite!"

4. Upload as "Public" with the hashtag #8barRelay

☆ Share your TikTok video on your Instagram and tag Chord Share(@chordshare_official ) and Kei Lim(@Keilim543 )

▶ Period : 2020.07.01 (Wed) ~ 07.31 (Fri)

▶ Reward : Selected participants and artists will be given the opportunity to have their 8 bars released together (number of selected participants are unlimited).

▶ Final announcement : 2020.08.17 (Mon)

Kana Bathe [MISFIT]

For all the misfits on this earth Human nature

When I Feel Love

Kana Bathe released an EP album [MISFIT] in 2020, and the album contains stories from her own personal life.

The name of the album “MISFIT” was inspired by her life experiences as she was exposed to various cultures since she was young, feeling alienated through her relationships with the people she encountered throughout her life.  

"...Track No.1 expresses troubles of not being able to fit in anywhere due to having a different outlook on life and the world, the mid-tracks express agony over not being able to conform to the standards of the world, and the last track ‘Befit’ expresses overcoming those challenges and coming to an agreement that she is ‘beautiful just the way she is’...”

The atmosphere of the album changes with Track No. 6 "When I Feel Love”, the title track, where she expresses her idea of what love is and how she deals with it through an upbeat house music.

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